Internet frequently crashes during gaming

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My internet used to crashed every time when I was trying to play some games. I called and it improved, so now it only crashes when I try to play online games with others. I think they are censoring or blocking certain network connections. Please stop. It is so annoying.


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    Hi @ProblemPb, I merged your new post into this one because it is about the same problem.

    Do you notice any changes to the lights on the modem or router when you lose connection?

    Have you tried using a device connected with an ethernet cable, instead of WiFi?


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    Hello @ProblemPb

    Welcome to our community! We do not block network connections for any games, but there can be a number of things that can cause issues with games depending on how you're playing. Connections to the gaming server, IP bans, and needing port forwarding turned on are some common ones. Do you notice issues with any game you play or is it a certain one?

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    ProblemPb Spectrum doesn't do that, their internet just doesn't work like its suppose to. I have had Spectrum for almost two and a half years and internet has not stayed on a complete 24 hours. I have intermittent internet I tried to find another Internet company but there's nobody else. They've been out twice and replaced the equipment, new cables underground and connectors at the box. Must be the house down the street. Must be this, that or the other. Reality is, we have to put up with it because they run the show. Its a sad, slow, intermittent, barely working, straggler, shameful, scamming, almost dead internet but we need them.

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    I was able to locate your account based on your registration information. It looks like you previously had a follow up serivce call that was cancelled, but our diagnostic tools indicate that another service call is still needed to address issues at your address.

    If you need assistance setting up another service call, please let us know.

  • ProblemPb
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    My internet is interrupted every time I try to play an online game with friends on my laptop. When it happens, all my devices lost connection and takes a few minutes to reconnect even if I do nothing. However, I cannot play game with such interruptions. I don't know why, when I play the same game on my iPad, everything works fine. It makes me believe it is not the game's problem, instead, something is wrong with the internet. I spent a lot of money buying this gaming laptop. Please make it work. Thanks.

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    I bought a cable last week and it almost immediately fixed the issue! Thanks so much.

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    Very glad to hear that and thank you for the update.


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