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Mobile Photo Compression

lucky1267lucky1267 Posts: 1 Newcomer
in Spectrum Mobile Mar 07, 2023

Can someone explain to me why when I send photos on my text service, they come out blurry? When I had ATT I had no issues, but now I have to email photos for them to come out clear. I have read that perhaps Spectrum is compressing the files and if this is the case how can I get around it?

Best Answer

  • Lyn_TLyn_T Posts: 87 Moderator
    Mar 08, 2023 Answer ✓

    Good evening @lucky1267 and Welcome to our Community Forums.

    Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to the picture quality while texting. There are several suggestions that may help with what you are experiencing. Most all carriers do have limits to the size of files that can be sent via a text message. You can adjust the size of the picture to help with picture quality when texting. For most Androids this can be done under the edit option for the photo you are wanting to text. Once you have located the photo in your photo gallery you would click on the 3 dots to adjust the size of the picture. Another suggestion would be to make sure you are connected to your home WiFi when ever possible. -Lyn

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