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More spam again

jeremy1069jeremy1069 Posts: 14 Participant
in Email Mar 09, 2023

This has been a problem for quite awhile. It seems to raid all of the E-Mail addresses on the old rr servers.

I am getting flooded with spam E-Mail on both of my E-Mail accounts. One I use regularly, another I don't.

My easiest way to solve some of it was to add filters for either keywords or entire domains. A lot of them were coming from .store type domains. I just have all E-Mails coming from any of those domain names go straight to the spam filter. That was working and still does.

It's obviously the same people doing it. I can tell how their templates are pretty much the same.

Now they are getting tricky with the E-Mail address. I cannot filter domains anymore. They're using E-Mail addresses with a bunch of random letters and more common .net or .com addresses. So I simply have to mark these as spam.

Marking these as spam does absolutely nothing. I'm now getting an average of 2 spam E-Mails in my inboxes, many of them making it to main inbox, some of them still successfully showing up in the spam folder because of the filters I put together.

I wish something could be done about this. Sometimes the spammers will send chain E-Mails to numerous addresses on the rr servers at the same time.


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,950 Contributor
    Mar 09, 2023

    Hello @jeremy1069,

    I hear your frustration! Email Spam/Phone Spam/Telemarketers it never ends. You might want to consider a web-based email account as a backup system, such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, In addition to a pop-up blocker to stop the ads generated by email and webpages. I have Ghostery on all my browsers and both PC's and it is really good. Good tracking protection as well!

    One thing that Webmail has that Spectrum Mail does not, is two-way athentication, where you have the option of setting up a second email or text message authentication code for better security. The Road Runner domains, built on the old TWC/Brighthouse Networks servers are fine for personal messages, but they are not so good for managing "modern spam." If you are doing any kind of banking or shopping involving email transactions, I would go with Webmail.


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