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Reference Code: WRDV-1009 - DVR Unavailable on Spectrum App or Watch TV Online

Pateden67Pateden67 Posts: 3 Spectator

I have three DVRs, two are CISCO 9865HDC and one is ARRIS DCX3600-M. I can see the Arris on the App and Website, I can watch recording, schedule, etc. The two others show up but I get the WRDV-1009 code when I click to change DVR. I am not able to watch any recording or schedule on them.


  • Steph_SSteph_S Posts: 490 Moderator
    Mar 19, 2023

    Good morning and welcome to our community. I was able to locate your account by your log in information. Have you tried to reboot the cable boxes as well as the modem/router?

  • Pateden67Pateden67 Posts: 3 Spectator
    Mar 20, 2023

    Boxes and modem/router have all been rebooted multiple times.

  • Steph_SSteph_S Posts: 490 Moderator
    Mar 20, 2023

    After review of the account, I am not seeing any devices attempting to connect. Can you please log out of the app and manually enter your username and password to log in. Plese let me know if there is any change. Thanks

  • Pateden67Pateden67 Posts: 3 Spectator
    Mar 25, 2023

    This the message I get on 2 of the 3 DVRs I have. One of them works fine, however it's box is a different brand from the other two. Are all boxes set up to use this feature?

  • HT_GreenfieldHT_Greenfield Posts: 279 Contributor
    Mar 25, 2023

    I’ve never had a DVR menu or tab or page in either the app or the web portal for my DCX3520 DVR receiver running i-Guide and i do mean with it as the selected device therein, so all i can do with it via the app and web portal is change channels on it and set programs to record on it. So maybe you can only get the DVR menu via the app for the latest models and/or models running Spectrum Guide and if you didn’t have at least one such, you wouldn’t have the DVR menu or tab or page at all.

  • Renee_TRenee_T Posts: 427 Moderator
    Mar 26, 2023

    Hello @Pateden67

    I'm sorry for any confusion. I took a look at the account using the registration information from the community and it looks like only one of the boxes is running software that is compatible with the remote DVR. At this time our Spectrum Guide software is not compatible with the remote DVR features and recordings would need to be scheduled through the cable box for those boxes.

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