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Hi all,

I have Spectrum Cable Internet, and so far it works great. Now I wanted to make a reservation for camping sites and realize that is not working properly. I did some digging and found that it works great when accessed outside my home internet connection, but something is blocked by Spectrum or my Spectrum router. The same happens with, which is built by the same company, and with They all seem to be using CloudFront from AWS. I analyzed that it is not my firewall or my computer setup. It also happens on my cell phone, only if on the local WIFI or LAN, but not when accessed through the phone carrier.

Does anyone else on Spectrum Cable have that problem? Is it Spectrum, my Spectrum Router, or these sites that block me?



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    Good afternoon @Thm1234 and Welcome to our Community forums.

    Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to the website you are experiencing difficulty accessing while using our internet. I was able to access the site using our network and I am not seeing any other reports of issues with this particular site. We can offer some suggestions that may help out. Try using your browser in incognito mode. Also, you may want to reset all of your internet equipment. This can be done by unplugging the cable line, power line, and removing the battery backup if you have one for both the modem and the router for a solid 3-5 minutes. You may also want to delete temporary files/cookies for the internet browser you are using. If these suggestions don't work please try another browser and let us know if you have any other questions.


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    Thank you for your suggestions. I tried different computers, and different browsers, and deleted cookies. It happens on all devices on the home network. It works on these same computers/devices/browsers when they are not on the home network, i.e. when I connect them to a mobile hotspot that does not use Spectrum Cable. So it must be a problem with the Router, the Modem, the Connection, or on the Spectrum side. I already called Spectrum, and they said they deactivated all the security shield features. To no avail. I also disconnected and restarted both the router and the modem. With no improvement. Any other ideas?

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    I may add the error message I get when trying to access

    403 ERROR

    The request could not be satisfied.

    Request blocked. We can't connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.

    If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation.

    Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
    Request ID: vNpMtLDg2fFj61qCLR1zaMPi6zlOnEESr0TmW2xJ-6-94w5fUcPvjg==

  • Thm1234
    Thm1234 Posts: 6 Spectator also gives a 403 Forbidden error and does not load the page. loads the page, but it's not working properly. When tying into the search field, it should call the server and auto-populate a few options. That does not work. My guess is that whatever protocol they are using to make these server calls is blocked by the router or a firewall somewhere at Spectrum.

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    I could see where a state park reservation website could be required by the state to reject traffic from VPN’s and such for obvious security reasons so if you’re using anything like that, try by-passing or temporarily disabling it. Otherwise, what kind feedback are you getting from the browser and what’s the full actual URL it ends up being re-directed to?

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    Thank you. That is not the case. I am not using a VPN, and the sites are working from my cell phone when I am on cellular data, but they are not working when I am on my WIFI, going through my Spectrum router. And I just checked with my Neighbor, which is also on Spectrum, and these sites work on his computer. So it is something with my Spectrum line or my Spectrum router that is doing this. I checked the configuration and its all standard information.

    How can I force the router to pick up a new outside IP number, so that I am hitting these sites with a different IP number?

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    You sound pretty confident that they’ve blocked your account as well as possibly your Spectrum IP address and it sounds like they do play some pretty serious hard-ball, here.


    You should probably contact them directly about this because even though you can access the website from a different IP address, they might just turn around and block that IP address, too, maybe as soon as you log in with your account.


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    They seem to be behaving fine from my Spectrum connection here in South Carolina.

    With your neighbor who is also on Spectrum not having issues hitting them from HIS devices, it is possible something in your local config may be causing issues. For all intents and purposes, aside from forward facing IP's and potential bandwidth clamping, upstream internet access for both your and your neighbor's Spectrum managed devices should be configured the same from Spectrum's end (if you are on the same regional subnets, should be getting the same ASN pathing and such in your routing).

    Basically, once packets leave the immediate vicinity of your neighborhood, you should get routed through exchange points with the same security and whatnot. But there could be some key variances in configurable aspects of the localized networks/devices.

    Have you been able to test any of your devices on his network to at least isolate them as potential suspects? Could try the opposite as well... his devices on your network.

    A couple ideas that may need to be explored:

    Have you by chance changed your DNS away from Spectrum's servers? Have seen similar things happen because of bad cached data from providers that do heavy caching (Like cloudflare does).

    For that matter, may be worth flushing your PC's DNS cache as well (ipconfig /flushdns)

    Any proxy in play? Some browser plugins will inject dns lookups of their own (basically to send their ads your way). May want to check for malware and BHO's with something like malwarebytes if you are unsure on this concern.

    Have you tested with different browsers? Some browsers can run into weirdness with recursive lookups trying to find IPv6 addresses to use instead of IPv4. This may need some tweaking for more reliable lookups... or you could try turning off IPv6 to some degree, be that on a particular device/browser or even on your router (if you have a standalone router where you can do such things).

    Could also try switching to something like google's DNS as a last ditch attempt I guess... just remember to flush DNS cache(s) for good measure after making such a change.

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