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World Box Remote vs. Clickr Backlite Remote - System/All Power Button Placement? (With Photos)

SatchSatch Posts: 5,019 Contributor
edited April 25 in TV Equipment Mar 20, 2023

This is a comparison Below is the Clickr Backlite Remote:

For purposes of this discussion, focus on the placement of the "All Power" button that turns on your TV and cable box at the same time.

The Clickr Backlite Remote- Has the All button. (System Button) on the far left.

The World Box Remote- Has the All button on the far right.

This may confuse some people moving from the Clickr Backlite remote to the World Box Remote.

If you have the Clickr Backlite Remote - and you press the System button and one of your devices does not turn off, all you had to do was press the devices button from the row of buttons that did not turn off, and press the power button to turn that device off. You do the same thing to turn on the device. Below is the World Box Remote:

This discussion concerns the use of the System button on the Clickr Backlite Remote and the All (All Power) button on the World Box remote:

We will Assume with the examples below that the remote and boxes work fine, but the line of sight has been blocked, because the customer did not aim the remote properly at the device:

Clickr Backlite Remote: Cable Box didn't go on/off with System Button? Press CBL Button + Power Button.

Clickr Backlite Remote: TV did not go on/off with System Button? Press TV Button + Power Button.

Now the World Box remote does not have those individual buttons for Cable Box and TV. Therefore, my question is the following:

On World Box Remote - If All Button does not turn on/off the TV. do you just press the TV button? What about if you have a World Box Remote, and the All button does not turn on the box, but turns on the TV? How do you get the cable box to turn on?



  • HT_GreenfieldHT_Greenfield Posts: 334 Contributor
    edited March 21 Mar 21, 2023

    As long as you’ve got the TV programmed into the Spectrum Remote, you can’t toggle the receiver box’s on/off state independently of the TV’s but you can vice versa so after you hit ALL (Ȯ), if the TV doesn’t end up in the on/off state you want, you then simply hit TV (Ȯ), too. For the Byzantines, this very regimen goes at least as far back as Xfinity’s XR2 remote, which has been around for nine years.

  • catchtwentytwocatchtwentytwo Posts: 89 Contributor
    edited March 21 Mar 21, 2023
    1. Pair the World Box Remote to use RF Mode.
    2. If you want to turn STB on or off by itself (not the TV or Soundbar since they work via IR) cover the remote's IR emitter with your hand and point it away from the TV and/or Soundbar.
    3. Then use the "All" button while keeping the IR emitter covered for a few seconds until it cycles through the IR devices.
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