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I have TV shows scheduled to record as series. This has been working just fine, but I decided to cancel recording the next episode, so I deleted it from the list of shows scheduled to record. I did not cancel the series. I thought it would just not record the episode i deleted, but now it has stopped recording all future episodes, even though it shows I have series recording set up for that show. How do I get it to start recording future episodes again? Do I have to cancel the series and crest a new series for that show?

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    Good Evening @Mvgolfer and Welcome to the Community!

    Yes, for the best results in answer to your question, you should cancel the series and than reprogram the series.

    A DVR tip for everyone:

    It is best to not delete series episodes that have not yet recorded before they have been recorded. Wait for the episode to record completely to your DVR's hard drive. Than, if you don't want to watch that episode, delete only that episode from your DVR, but leave the series intact.

    If you delete episodes of series that you have set to record, before they have been recorded to your DVR, you can screw up the algorithm of your box. and your future recorded series could stop. This could require you to cancel the series and set it up again to get episodes recorded again.



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    That sure is good to know. So you cancel one episode of a series from recording and the software proceeds to write off each remaining episode as user-canceled? Go into the DVR menu by way of the main menu and then go into DVR history and find the cancelation events for the inexplicably unrecorded episodes and open them up and see what they state e.g. “user canceled” or “canceled due to schedule change” or what. Also, if you had the “new episodes only” option selected, i take it that these were definitely new episodes rather than re-runs or encore presentations.

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    I can't vouch for every guide or DVR box software that this will happen. But running ODN guide on a Cisco or Arris box, I have had the above issue happen to me more than once by deleting a series episode set to record, and the series stopped recording any new shows. Did a cancellation and re-programing of the same series, leaving future episodes the opportunity to record on their own, and have not had a problem in years!

    Best thing I learned from a tech guy, "Don't try to second guess what your DVR is going to do with future series recordings" Let them record to your hard drive complety, And than, from your DVR List (and only from your completed recordings) watch and manage them that way. Only cancel a series if you really absolutely want nothing more to do with recording or watching that series..


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    OP hasn't said what STB and Guide is in use. World Boxes running the New Spectrum Guide do not show future airings if set to record "New Only" when no "New" Episodes are available in the next two weeks.

    I have not had any problems deleting a single airing in a Series Record on our World Boxes with New Spectrum Guide. We often do that to "time shift" an episode.

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