"Unable to Connect" error message when trying to login out-of-home WiFi

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Hi, I am seeing this "Unable to Connect" error when trying to connect out-of-home WiFi service, which is the same issue reported in below discussion and reddit post. Seems this is a common issue for Spectrum Home Internet user.

Previous discussion: https://community.spectrum.net/discussion/comment/181031#Comment_181031

The same issue discussed on Reddit: Unable to Login to Spectrum "Out-of-Home" Public WiFi Hotspots - "Unable to Connect" Error : Spectrum (reddit.com)

And per one reddit discussion about this issue, the solution provided by Spectrum rep is that Spectrum team remotely reprovision our home modem. Can someone help reprovision my modem to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry for any issues. It sounds like you have a separate issue from the one in the Reddit post, we recommend you contact HotSpot support (1-888-851-9350) for further assistance.

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