Anyway to continue to watch a episode of a show inque

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Looking to see if I can continue to watch a show after that episode is finished, usually at random a show I choose to watch on demand will continue to play the next episode of the show only if there’s ads or a commercial playing, so since the only season of the show I want to watch is 8 is only available, I record the show on my dvr to continue to watch other seasons of the show along with episodes, is there anyway to continue to watch this show while it’s in que playing without me having to keep going back to the dvr once the episode is over with ?


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    Hello @Mikedee123 Welcome!

    I have noticed that you posted this question in the Spectrum app Section for Apple TV.. Also, are you using Cloud DVR, or cable box DVR? Cable Box DVR provides the best functionality and is superior to On Demand for several reasons:

    1.) Cable Box DVR is not Internet-based, so if Internet goes down, you can't use the Spectrum app and you can't use cloud DVR. But if you have box DVR, you can record your series and shows and once they are saved, what them whenever and however you want. You can't record with Spectrum app. You need either cloud DVR or box DVR to do that. With Cloud DVR, you have to wait until the whole episode has been recorded to the cloud, before you can start watching without jittery playback. This is not an issue with cable box DVR.

    2.) Remember that On Demand can never be recorded. On Demand is impulse viewing, offered for a time determined by the station that has the content.

    3.) The query can be hit or miss. With stopping shows and starting them. Yes, binge watching by moving to the next show, or cancelling is available for series. But everything depends on the behavior of Spectrum's On Demand servers. Some times if you stop a show, it might not start where you stopped it, if you are watching On Demand.

    4.) I would recommend upgrading to a traditional cable box DVR if you don't already have cable box DVR, instead of the Cloud DVR service. With Cable Box DVR, set up your series to record and watch your episodes that way. Don't try to delete episodes set up that are part of a series that have not yet recorded! That can mess up the logic of your box, and series recording might stop, making you re-program the series.

    In summery, I have a cable box DVR, and use On Demand only if I miss something, that doesn't record. With Cab;e box DVR, you can also Fast-Forward through commercials on fully recorded episodes. Some stations don't allow fast-forwarding of their content for On Demand. It is easier to go to your DVR Recordings list to find recorded shows, than to navigate the sometimes cumbersome On Demand Menu to find your content. And for On Demand, that query list is auto-cleared after about 48 hours. Could be up to 72 hours. With cable box DVR, your stopped positions are always saved.


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    Hello @Mikedee123,

    Welcome to the Community! I am happy to assist with your inquiry! The DVR functionality does not have the autoplay feature that On Demand does. Therefore, you would need to manually play each recording. My apologies for any inconvenience.