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Cannot access wi-fi hotspot profiles

johnwwjohnww Posts: 2 Spectator
edited April 17 in Suggestions & Feedback Apr 16, 2023

I cannot access the WiFi gotspot connection profiles anywhere. I have reviewed the prior discussions and they ask say the same thing... To access them in the app under the profiles section. Questions about his issue have been posed since at least early 2022 with no acceptable resolution.

Please do not respond that the developers are aware of it, that they are working on it, or that there is no ETA. You need to escalate this issue to highest priority and fix it. It's 2023 and any reasonable customer should expect the ability to access your hotspots. That this issue has persisted this long is simply unacceptable.

If it's not resolved ASAP, it will be escalated in court as a violation of your terms of service. You advertise this capability as one of your services. That is one of the reasons i chose to pay for and use your services. It's clearly not a priority, and it certainly should be. You advertise a key capability that hasn't been available for over a year.

Please kindly share information on when customers should expect this issue to be resolved.

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