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Constant Pixelation on Samsung TV.

colvin17colvin17 Posts: 1 Newcomer
I am having the same issues as this post and all of the other posts regarding pixelation on native Spectrum TV app with Samsung since mid December 2022.

The picture when watching live TV on the Spectrum TV app will go in and out from somewhat clear (less than HD) to extremely pixelated ...frequently every day and night. This only happens when watching TV on the native Spectrum TV app on my Samsung TVs. This issue does not happen when watching on my mobile device; this issue does not happen when watching from my desktop computer; this issue does not occur with any other native apps (e.g., Netflix) on the same Samsung TVs; this issue occurs over both wifi and ethernet. The router/modem are not the issue. My upload/download speeds are consistently sufficient and stable.

I have uninstalled and re-installed the app, hard reset the TV, applied all available upgrade to Samsung TV, and applied all available upgrades to the native Spectrum TV app (an update has not been released since 2020!!).

The issue is clearly with Spectrum's native TV app and the Samsung TV system. I cannot believe how much I am charged for a picture/connection so poor and volatile.

Please let me know when I can expect a fix or update of the Spectrum TV app, or let me know what else the problem could be. I have been troubleshooting for months and am about to give-up and cancel my Spectrum services.

Please advise- thank you

Internet: Spectrum Ultra 500 Mbps

Affected TV #1: QN65LS03AAFXZA

Affected TV #2: QN32LS03TBFXZA


  • Randy_SRandy_S Posts: 507 Moderator
    Apr 18, 2023

    Good evening and welcome to the Spectrum Community, @colvin17

    I looked up the Spectrum TV app in the Samsung app store and I believe it was update at least last December (says 12/4/23 so I think the app store got the year wrong). I have a Samsung TV too so that part isn't making sense to me. Also, is your tv connected to the modem over Ethernet or on wifi?


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