Why are Recent Channels Access on Roku is Different than Other Apps?

jamesmcardinal Posts: 1 Newcomer

I use the Spectrum TV app on a number of devices. Samsung TVs, iOS devices and the Roku. Mainly to watch live TV. I use the right arrow to quickly access the guide all the time. Up arrow gives info on the show being watched. Having the previous channels available quickly is also very useful -- if I am using a particular app!

On Samsung TV, I can press the down arrow while watching live TV to access the recent channels in one click. On iOS, it is just a swipe away. On ROKU, it is a bit of a hassle. You have to hit "Back Arrow", then make sure it is on HOME (may need to go left or right arrows) then hit OK to access the Recent Channels. Too many clicks!

Can I put in a request (should be simple since Samsung version of the app already has it) to make hitting down arrow while in Live TV go to Recent Channels on Roku, just like is available in other versions of the app.


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