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On Demand not working Correctly.

Idaho2Idaho2 Posts: 2 Spectator
edited May 22 in TV Equipment Apr 22, 2023

Recently installed three of the new ARRIS DCX 3510-M receivers that were sent to us. Since then On Demand only correctly works on ABC, CBS, and NBC for all the other channels after I select a program it only show episodes that will be aired in the future and gives me the option of recording it or not, no old episodes are listed at all. This is on all three TVs. Called support and they worked with me for quit awhile rebooting the systems and sending signals all with no help finally gave up and said I new someone to come out to the house to look at it. The other day I talked to someone in the Billing section and just happed to mention the problems I am having with On Demand. The first thing out of his mouth was "Do you have a Sony TV" ( I have 2 of them and a LG.) He told me that Sony and LG plus several other brands have problems with On Demand on the new receivers. Can this possibly be true and if so why wouldn't the support people know about this?

Best Answer

  • SatchSatch Posts: 5,019 Contributor
    Apr 23, 2023 Answer ✓

    Hi @Idaho2 Welcome!

    First, if you have Spectrum Internet service, and have not already done so, please reboot your modem, waiting for it to come back online, and than do the same thing next with your router if you have wirelss Internet. After this, reboot the box one last time. If the problem is not resolved, see below:

    Generally, if there is a problem with On Demand that a reboot of equipment does not solve, or the issue comes back following a reboot, would be to call Spectrum to set up a signal and drop line test. On Demand related to the Cable Boxes can be sensitive to bad signals or a poor quality drop line at the residence. Aging wiring, animal chews, bad weather over time can effect signal strength. A tech would need to be sent to your home to read the signals coming into your home on the box. A new box will not solve bad signals or corroded lines. Only replacing the lines or wiring will improve signal strength. Splitters at the connection can also cause On Demand issues.

    If you have a cable box, the type of TV should not matter in that regard as long as you are able to program your remote, your lines and signals are strong and the functionality of the box is OK. If your signals and lines are good. Than, and only than would the tech look at replacing the box. If all three of the boxes are showing problems with On Demand, do the following:

    1.) Call Spectrum to let them know that your On Demand is not working and that you have rebooted the equipment several times,

    2.) Set up a signal and drop line service call check.

    3.) When the tech is there, tune to the On Demand channels that are the most problematic so he can take a reading.

    The CSR might have misunderstood and thought you had a problem with the Spectrum app or a problem with Cloud DVR on your Smart TV. For traditional box On Demand, the signals and lines at the residence, providing the transmission of On Demand content, to and from Spectrum's servers are the first thing that the tech needs to check. You will need a service call to resolve this.



  • Idaho2Idaho2 Posts: 2 Spectator
    Apr 23, 2023

    Rebooting the modem and router did the trick.

    THANK YOU very much! Just wonder why the support guy didn't have me do that?

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