Internet Speed Uncommonly Low?

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When we first moved in (December 2022) I was seeing Internet speeds at around 120 mbps (both down and up). And, I was using WiFi -- not a wired connection.

Today, I'm seeing 9.6 down, and 8.4 up. I've rebooted the router and modem twice, and I've hard-wired both my PCs to the Ethernet outlets. Nothing seems to help.

These speeds are really affecting my work from home. Spectrum told us that our neighborhood would be getting up to 400 mbps -- they called it "UltraFi". I realize I'll never see that speed, but 9.6 and 8.4??

What causes these uncommonly low speeds?

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    Well. After a phone chat with Spectrum, it turns out that "something" caused the router to become inactive. Possibly a software change/migration, possibly a crack in the earth's mantle (J/K), possibly .... who knows? Anyway, after they re-activated the router and I rebooted, here's the happy end to the story:

    Not too shabby.

    Thanks to all for your suggestions and feedback.

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    Welcome to the Community @Baja463!

    Since rebooting the equipment has not helped, if these low speeds continue into tomorrow or so, I would suspect a signal or line problem. If this does not improve. call Spectrum, let them know that you have rebooted your equipment twice, and set up a tech visit for a signal and drop line test. Bad weather, animal chews, and aging wiring cause these kinds of conditions. The first step is to reboot the modem and router, followed by the device where you are getting slow speeds. However, you have already done this twice.

    Call tomorrow to get a service call to check your signals and drop line.


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    I'll give it a try, thanks. As an FYI, the equipment (and cabling) was a new installation in December 2022. My biggest surprise was that hard-wiring both desktops made absolutely no difference. The PCs get rebooted daily.

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    I was able to locate your account information using your registration information. It looks like you are a Community Solutions customer.

    For direct support, you can reach Community Solutions at (855) 895-5302.

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    Thanks the for update and the support number. I'll be calling them.

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    If you are testing speeds at (or other site) via a browser, it is much better to install a free-standing Speedtest APP. Since the APP runs independent of a browser, extensions and addons won't effect the results. And what is your modem model?

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    What’s the make and model of the modem and the router, and what color LED’s are doing anything and what are they doing on the modem ⇌ router Ethernet ports?

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    You mentioned it happening on the PC's... If you put your phone on the wifi, does it show the same slowdowns?

    Just curious because there have been issues with Windows Update sometimes knackering some network settings that need to be reset to defaults and reboot the system.

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    1. I have run various speed tests while troubleshooting, including the Ookla (which Spectrum also uses). All report similar results: 9.nn Up, 9.nn down. No greater than 9.7 in either case.
    2. Router: Spectrum WiFi 6 Router: SAX1V1K
    3. Modem: Spectrum SONU Modem (10G EPON DPoE Advanced Fiber Voice Modem)
    4. No problems with phone (Android)
    5. I'll let the Spectrum tech determine what the router/modem lights are doing.
    6. I do have service, but Internet speeds should not be this slow. At one time (in December 2022), Ookla was reporting 124 mbps up and down.

    Hope this helps. I am not a networking guru, so in-depth questions will probably go over my head.

    Thanks to all for your feedback and input.

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    "No problems with phone (Android)"

    As in, you get proper speeds on the phone when on the wifi?

    If so, you may in fact be having the problems with the Windows network stack I was referring to previously.

    So long as there are no issues with high packet loss, delays, congestion, etc... the stack is supposed to be keeping the floodgates open with big buffers and such. But for some weird reason, once in a blue moon it can get clamped down absurdly tight after a Windows Update. Microsoft is aware of the problem... but has yet to actually fix it.

    Fortunately, there is a series of command lines that can be run from an admin command prompt that will reset things after a reboot. Here is a hit from a quick google search where someone from the Microsoft forums detailed the steps to do it all manually:

    A bit tedious, and it may be out of some people's comfort zone to jump through all that though.

    No fear... there is a free tool you can use to do it that is much easier to remember how to use and such:

    TCP Optimizer from

    It is a standalone tool that you can be used to reset things to the Windows defaults with a few key presses. Just note that part of that is to set the TCP settings to automatic (to use DHCP and such). So if you set a static IP address or customized the DNS entries, that may need to be redone.

    The main page at has several links for the tool. On the left side there will be a panel of shortcuts... TCP Optimizer will be at the bottom. The page has some details about this tool as well as other apps and tweaks for previous versions of Windows. You will want the latest version, Currently TCP Optimizer 4.

    The download links will be above/below an active ad banner. The colored text there for "TCP Optimizer 4" above the banner is an active link to download it from speedguide's servers, with mirror links listed below that banner. It is very small and will download near instantly.

    Once downloaded (likely defaulted to your Downloads folder in your user profile), you can make a shortcut to it on the desktop (right-click, Send to... , Desktop (create shortcut), or move it to a more convenient location.

    How to reset network settings:

    Right click the file (or your shortcut) and select to Run as Administrator. There will be a drop box to select a specific network card, or you can select to adjust all of them. Along the bottom you should see a button for the Current settings selected, along with other buttons for Custom, Optimal... select the one for Windows Default and click to Apply changes. (Optimal can be better for certain use cases, but for most users the defaults are a better choice).

    And that is basically it. It should pop up a prompt to make a backup (the tool has a restore function in the "File" drop menu), and will prompt you to reboot to finalize the changes.

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    Did all that ... nothing changed. Same up/down speeds. Spectrum will be out before the end of the week.

    Thanks anyway.

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    I think RAIST is nevertheless right on in that something’s out of whack with those Windows machines. (Also, i don’t see how you could’ve ever been getting 100+ both down and up but that’s my problem.)

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    I misspoke -- Down was faster. This was last December, when things were very nice:

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    This is today, fwiw ...

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    Nice‼️ I'm a believer‼️ Above all else, i'm also an idiot. My bad. Thanks for that and nice call on scheduling the house call. 🖖🏻

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