Is RAC2V1K Router Still Available??

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My old RAC2V1K expired and when I went to the Spectrum storefront, they gave me a new WIfi 6, telling me it had better range.

Well - - - the first one didn't work. After a 40 minute Tech Support call I put in a service request. The Tech came out, checked all my connections, and replaced it with a new wi-fi 6. (SAX1V1R)

Same trouble as the first wi-fi 6 -- wouldn't reach all of the rooms. (Hose only 1300 sq ft) So, that said, if I go back to Spectrum, is the old RAC2V1K still available on request? Since clearly the distance to the TV is too much for the wifi 6, I either need the old RAC2 or to buy my own router.

Anyone else have this issue?

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  • Lyn_T
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    Good evening @old_texan

    Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to the concerns with your internet and wireless service. With the a Advanced Wireless option you would not be able to use the RAC2V1K modem/router. This model is not compatible with the Advanced Wireless. . You are able to use your own modem/router if you would like. Please click on recommended equipment to see what will work best if you want to use your own equipment. Here to help if you have any other questions. - Lyn

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    I apologize for any confusion. Once the account has been set up to use the web 6 advanced wireless router, we are unable to add the older routers back to the account. At that point, if you did not want to continue using the SAC2 router, you would need to purchase your own router.


  • old_texan
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    Thanks, Lyn - - - -

    As far as I know, I have never upgraded to advanced wireless (still just 300 mps) so I guess I'm OK. In any case, the RAC2V1K functioned perfectly, but the newer SAC2 wifi 6 does not. A 2-hur visit from a technicain did not solve the problem

    So my solution is to go back to the one that works: the old RAC2

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