Sports Apps Not Working On Spectrum Wifi?

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For over a week now, I have been trying to watch the Dodgers play on multiple sports apps. ALL of which no longer work. Im talking about MLB, ESPN, TBS, FOX SPORTS, BALLY SPORTS. Today just to try it out, I disconnected my phone from the WIFI and wouldn't you know I got the game.

I have great connectivity. I can stream all the movies and shows I want on every other app!

My question is, why are these apps not supported by Spectrum? This is ridiculous! I pay a lot of money for MLB.TV and I cannot even watch it on my TV! This makes me want to cancel my service.


  • Randy_S
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    Good afternoon. I am very sorry to hear of the frustration and we will be glad to help.

    A couple of questions. Are you able to use any other third party apps for other regular channels you are subscribed to? Does your login credentials work at to login to your account.?

    Also, welcome to the Spectrum Community,


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    Hi Randy

    I'm having a similar issue as the commenter above. The MLB app on my phone does not work on my home wifi. It works fine on my work wifi and while using the mobile data. To answer your question above, I have found no other issues with any other subscriptions or apps. Interestingly and contrary to the commenter above, only the app on my phone is affected. The MLB app on my TV works fine. I've reset my router, checked the app permissions, cleared cache, and reinstalled the app, all to no avail. Looking forward to your response. Thanks

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    Hi @ryhoward, welcome to our community! You've mentioned restarting your router, but have you tried rebooting the modem? Are you getting any error messages?

    @Hernandez_Home, to answer your question; The support we can provide to 3rd party apps is mostly limited to signing in and authorization. While we provide the authorization to use the app if the channels is included in your subscription, we do not develop or support the actual apps. We fully support physical cable receivers and the Spectrum TV app which should provide access to all of your subscribed channels.

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