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Why can't Spectrum block spam risk calls?

jstanek7jstanek7 Posts: 6 Spectator
edited May 22 in Digital Phone Apr 28, 2023

I still keep getting a ton of spam and annoying calls. Most are from Medicare or warranty companies with very foreign callers claiming to be from some company. I can't block them as they never use the same number twice. Spectrum claims that they do a wonderful job with blocking calls but that is not true. I wish they had caller screening where the phone doesn't ring until the person pushes a number.


  • SatchSatch Posts: 5,027 Contributor
    Apr 28, 2023


    Right now, with Spectrum Voice's Call Guard System, the blocking mechanism, (When Call Guard is activated) is defined as "Callers not able to leave messages when the system is turned on." The system hangs up on them or identifies the call as a "Spam Risk." If you have Spectrum CATV service, you will see the number, or Spam Risk shown on your TV, but the caller can't get through to bother you.

    If Call Guard is working properly, the hang up will occur before the Caller ID on your phone registers the name and number, If you find that callers are not hanging up, or they are able to leave messages on a regular basis, than Call Guard is not working properly. Check your Voice Zone Settings in "My Account" to make sure that "Call Guard is turned on" and that the features you want activated are also turned on, save your changes. Call Spectrum if you have a constant problem with Spam Callers and Telemarketers able to leave messages.

    For us, Call Guard works very well. Sometimes, there will be conditions where either on the first of the month or the end of the month, we might get two days of Spam Risk or telemarketer numbers. But after that, it is fine. I can't recall the last time a telemarketer was able to leave a message,


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