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Is it possible to get 1080P with the Spectrum 100 receiver?

DCJenkinsDCJenkins Posts: 4 Spectator
edited May 22 in TV Equipment Apr 29, 2023

Just as the question asks, is this possible? The menu is very limited and I don't see any options to change resolution. If it's not possible, does Spectrum provide an "HD" receiver that does?

Thank You.

Best Answer

  • HT_GreenfieldHT_Greenfield Posts: 344 Contributor
    edited April 29 Apr 29, 2023 Answer ✓

    Menu, ↳Settings & Support, 🆗, ↳Preferences, →Audio & Video, 🆗, →Video, 🆗, Video Resolution, 🆗: current resolution stated and SELECT RESOLUTION option presented. When you hit that option, if the TV’s native rez is 1080p, that should already be showing as both selected and recommended. At least if the Worldbox is a 110-A. 

    You can also always hit info on the TV remote and it should show which rez is coming in to it from the cable TV receiver, any time, any channel.


  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 610 Moderator
    Apr 29, 2023

    Hi @DCJenkins, welcome to our community!

    The Spectrum 100 and 200 receivers have HD autotune which should set your resolution to the highest possible, they do output 1080p. While I do not have a manual available for them, you can see the manuals for the other cable receivers which will provide specifications including resolution, but most should also do 1080.

  • DCJenkinsDCJenkins Posts: 4 Spectator
    Apr 29, 2023

    Hello @William_M,

    That autotune seems to be what is taking place, as I see no option to manually adjust the resolution. My TV is capable of 1080P, which is really the only factor that I can control. I'm going to have to consider that the receiver may be the issue. I will attempt a few more things, but could you suggest anything else besides replacing the receiver?

  • DCJenkinsDCJenkins Posts: 4 Spectator
    Apr 29, 2023


    That information is much appreciated, but I don't think I have those options being that I have the 100, and not the 110. But, I will take a look when I get a chance. Maybe that is the solution, to get the 110.

    I have checked info and have seen that I'm only at 720P currently; and at one point I was even less, as I was getting an error that read: "The current input resolution is low. Please check the resolution of the source device.".

  • DCJenkinsDCJenkins Posts: 4 Spectator
    Apr 30, 2023


    You are the hero, that worked! Thank you for the information.

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