Power line network extension recommendations?

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What are some great power line network extenders out there?

I’ve already been told by the tech that came out and ran a new line, that the spectrum pods are not a great option, not recommended, but also highly agreed that a power line extensions are the way to go, that being said:

My current one, a Tenda PH10, works best connected to the router via wps; evidently, that’s a major security flaw. However, not copying the network settings and so on, It does not get even close to what the router is putting out; even if both ends of the range extenders are plugged into the same wall, same room, maybe 5 feet apart. There’s about a 40mbps drop in download speed plugged in across the house, but, with a max of about 90mbps all in the same room as the router. I have the gig plan currently.

Power line extenders are supposed to bring the connection to another room, technically hardwired if both outlets are on the same current, and puts it out wirelessly; as if the router is in that same room too; which, proved to be true with my last isp, and wps capable router. Not only that, this one can copy the network/s name and password and simply just double the range; that way I’m not having to switch between two of the same networks. But spectrums WiFi 6 router does not accommodate for this connectivity option.

I’m currently trying different ways of doing initial set ups, to connect my power line extensions to the router, and seeing if there’s any significant improvement.


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    Good morning and welcome to the Spectrum Community, @ChadS

    I was waiting hoping someone had some recommendations for you. I wouldn't be able to recommend a specific brand but your experience/insight is something I have seen here at work and offline. I don't need extenders in my house but I would definitely consider the powerline options. I live in a comfortable (read small :)) cinderblock house so are coverage is good. But if it were any larger, I would most definitely need that type of extender.

    I would encourage any spectators :) who may be reading this to chime in. Especially if you have experience with these types of range extenders.

    Have a great day!


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    fortunately and unfortunately, I’ve learned quite a few things about networking and the terminology from experiences; but what I don’t get, is that my current power line adapter is actually worse, being in the same room, than the router being across the house. (if it wasn’t the same current, they wouldn’t be paired) So the routers signal from across the house, is still almost 3x better than what the adapter is putting out. 45 vs 120… I even connected it to the router and set it up on the same wall bout 5ft apart.

    Verified that it’s putting out the same or real close to the same speeds as the router, and then I plug it in in the room it would be best like my last isp, and it doesn’t at all reflect what I should be expecting. The tech who had to run a new line, had me check on my Xbox console, and without doing any network changes, it was picking up about 120’s. I was stoked with that, because i knew it could only improve much more from there. But it’s like going backwards with the adapter still. Not sure what all I could do to make the signal a lot stronger, if not, like being in the same room as the router.

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    The quality of the connection through powerline adapters can vary greatly depending on your houses electrical setup. My recommendation is usually to move the modem and router closer to where you normally use the service, or run an ethernet cable from the router to the other room and connect it either to a device directly or to a wireless access point in that room. You can hire your own electrician to run ethernet cables through the walls and even install ethernet outlets.

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    What’s funny about that, is that even in the same room plugged into the same wall, just a few feet apart, the adapter and router put out the same speeds, or hardly less than a difference. But across the house, the adapter doesn’t even come close.

    Otherwise, the rest of those choices, are not options here.

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