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Is ipv6 an option to enable with a WiFi 6 router?

ChadSChadS Posts: 7 Spectator
edited April 29 in Gaming & Gaming Related Apr 29, 2023

for those of you with an Xbox one, you probably know that they prefer ipv6, or both ipv4 and ipv6; my question is that is it an option and how could I go about doing that? A Spectrum tech supports manager was quick to claim that it’s up to what the console wants to use and not something they can change. I say that’s completely aside from being true. You’d think that we could call em up and tell them that you want to make the connection to the router most ideal for gaming, and they’d know off hand or at least have a guide on what all that entails.

any leads on how to go about this? I saw a significant improvement with my last isp just from allowing this.

Accepted Answers

  • HT_GreenfieldHT_Greenfield Posts: 337 Contributor
    Apr 30, 2023 Answer ✓

    It’s easy to see if the Xbox is dual-stacking and if it is, so is the router.


    The tech is right. The client determines what happens, largely based on DNS responsibility.


  • ChadSChadS Posts: 7 Spectator
    May 20, 2023 Answer ✓

    Had a technician come out a couple weeks ago to see why I wasn’t getting past 300-350mbps or so directly next to the router, no matter what else I did; when Im paying for and can get up to 1,000. Quite the opposite from what they can guarantee.

    I also found it quite suspicious that the upload speed hardly dropped on the other side of the house, but at best connected directly to it, I would get 40-45 download too. He recommended a mesh router set up based on other customers, to help spread the speeds out more or less the same, throughout the rest of the house. But evidently a reprovision corrected that kink. A reprovision, based on my brief understanding, is like refreshing the line more or less and could’ve been done remotely. I got lucky and not one, but TWO techs came over to the appointment within a few hours of me chatting with support who initiated the service call.

    But ever since that check up, I’ve been getting both ipv4 and ipv6. Never once mentioned anything about it to the guys. Though I probably should’ve to pick their brains; Maybe that was enabled in the reprovision one did, which also made the speeds much more reasonable and back up in their 70% guaranteed range or more.

    I checked the app again just because, and it still says the router is in fact putting out/using, double-stacking, etc. public ipv4 and ipv6, where as, it was only showing ipv4. Kind of hard for something else to pick up what isn’t being put down, especially when it’s something strongly preferred; that’s just my logic for that.

    Though that may be true to some extent, respectfully, I don’t believe that was entirely the truth; especially when it’s more so desired, than just optional. So someone wasn’t listening, as even the routers user guide states it supports both. You’d think that they’d automatically be like “ok, our newest router supports both of them, but by default, one is just simply disabled, so let’s go ahead and change that like the customer is asking us about.” Instead of being quick to decline and deny and point fingers at a $600+ console with no issues.

    This console has never had a problem not wanting to use ipv6 before, not even with a different provider; as it prefers to utilize that or both. If anything, it’s always been something to do with the isps equipment.

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