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I saw a post stating you no longer support cable cards...isn't this required by fcc law?

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    Good evening @Me171 and Welcome to our Community Forums.

    In 2020, the FCC eliminated the requirement that cable companies support devices that use CableCARD technology for connecting to video services. Those that wish to continue to use the option can still do so but as upgrades are made they may not have access to the new options. An alternative to the CableCard would be our Streaming options. If you would like to learn more please give us a call at 1-855-707-7328​​​ -Lyn


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    I just got my Spectrum DVR after getting the notice that cable cards (TIVO User) would no longer be supported. What a let down - the Spectrum DVR is a very old design that is slow, poor interface, limited storage and a remote that is difficult to use. Tivo was far superior. Is there a plan for Spectrum to get a decent modern DVR? I could not get the cloud DVR because Spectrum internet is unreliable in my area. Honestly it is a really poor user experience. Are there other options for a DVR? I need help. Spectrum - buy TIVO!

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