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sevenlayercookiesevenlayercookie Posts: 1 Newcomer
in Spectrum Mobile May 04, 2023


I have Spectrum Mobile and Spectrum Home Internet. Based on both of these subscriptions, I believe I should have access to public Wifi hotspots (Spectrum, Spectrum Free Trial, and Spectrum Mobile). However I am unable to connect to any of these. I have installed the Mobile Device Profile on my iPhone from the Spectrum website (the option to install the profile does not appear in the Spectrum app). When I click on one of these Wifi hotspots on my wifi list, it sometimes shows an iOS popup login screen (not in browser) asking for my username and password. I have entered my Spectrum email address (***** and my account password, and then I do not get any further response. No internet access. Sometimes after a few minutes, this login screen will pop-up again.

I read elsewhere that sometimes my home modem has to be "provisioned" (whatever that means), but I'm not sure that would apply to Spectrum Mobile since that is a separate service.

Any ideas on how to get my iPhone connected to public Spectrum hotspots?

Thank you

Best Answer

  • Jaleesa_FJaleesa_F Posts: 85 Moderator
    May 04, 2023 Answer ✓

    Good morning @sevenlayercookie

    Welcome to the Community! I am happy to assist! As a Spectrum internet and mobile subscriber you should indeed have access to the Spectrum Hot Spots. You should be signing in with your My Spectrum/ login credentials. If you are still unable to connect I would advise reaching out to our HotSpot Support team at  1-888-851-9350​​​​​​.

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