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All Cloud DVR recordings have disappeared

Dfox70Dfox70 Posts: 2 Spectator
edited June 7 in Cloud DVR May 05, 2023

As of last night all my cloud DVR recordings are gone. There also doesn’t seem to be any recordings upcoming and all my scheduled recordings are gone.

it’s like this across multiple Roku devices as well as on my iPad and iPhone on the Spectrum TV apps.

have tried rebooting things, logging out and back on but still nothing.

Please help.

Best Answer

  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 610 Moderator
    May 05, 2023 Answer ✓

    Hi @Dfox70, welcome to our community!

    I'm sorry for the trouble with your Cloud DVR. Did you try rebooting your modem and router? Are you able to schedule new recordings?


  • Dfox70Dfox70 Posts: 2 Spectator
    May 05, 2023

    I was able to create new recordings successfully. I guess my old series recordings are gone and I’ll recreate them all.

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