Cloud DVR in app needs serious help

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In general, the Spectrum app on Apple TV works very well when watching live TV. I find the interface quite intuitive and smooth.

However, I constantly have issues with watching recordings on demand. I especially run into issues if I want to fast forward a program (I do this quite a bit when watching sports). Sometimes it will freeze and other times, I’ll have to back out and restart. When doing so, it frequently restarts to the beginning and I have to fast forward again.

These glitches oftentimes ruin the game I’m trying to watch, when it automatically restarts to later on in the recording. I’m afraid to fast forward or rewind because it ruins the experience.

This is a constant issue that almost makes watching sports on demand worthless. I’m considering switching to a different provider if updates aren’t made. I know other people who are dealing with the same issues, so it would be good to know if these glitches are being addressed.


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    Hello and welcome to the Spectrum Community.

    I do apologize for the poor experience with the app. We are always trying to make improvements to the app and welcome the feedback.

    I personally use the Spectrum TV app on my Samsung phone and cast to my TV and have no issues when I fast forward. Do you notice the issue on any other device like a smart phone or computer or do you only see the issue on the AppleTV?

    If it is all devices you can try to reset the modem and router to see if this helps as the app goes through the modem. If it is just the AppleTV you can try to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if that helps.


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