Motorola MB8600 firmware downgraded

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I just purchased a Motorola MB8600 cable modem, which came with firmware 8600-19.3.15 from the factory. Spectrum downgraded it to 8600-18.2.12 after I had them provision it. I understand if Spectrum may not upgrade existing firmware without testing, but why downgrade what came from the factory?

My main concern is whether this modem is now susceptible to vulnerabilities that were fixed in the firmware releases between what it was downgraded to, and what came installed from the factory.

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    No sweat. The last time there was any security vulnerability of record affecting any Motorola cable modem was back in 2014 and they don't keep those things secret.

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    In addition, firmware updates need to be tested and approved by our engineers for use on our network before they get pushed to devices. Once approved, they are pushed automtically.

    Thanks for the comment!

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