How do I get Spectrum to recheck the local node?

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I have been a long time customer, and except for the occasional outage I have never had issues. However, about 4-5 weeks ago I started getting latency spikes several times a minute. Some long enough to disconnect me from what I was doing. I had Spectrum out on 3 occasions with the last trip they brought 2 techs. Each time they checked my lines, on the second appointment they changed my modem but they all checked, I guess, an app Spectrum has for techs and they all said there was an issue with the node on their end and it would be fixed.

On the last trip I told them to please not leave until it was fixed. (It had been going on 3 weeks) so they called their supervisor and he said they would send a repair guy to fix the local node and I should be fine within 24 hours. Guess what? It was fine within 24 hours. It worked. For about a week. Now its happening again.

I told Spectrum support I don't need an appointment, I need them to check their node again but they insist that they can only send someone out. Before it was less than 24-48 hours for each of the three appointments but now, they are telling me its going to be 5 days before they can come. I don't need them to come! I just want them to check the node again, see it isn't working and fix it this time. I tried to escalate and they said that dispatch would call me back. When dispatch called 3 minutes later they said they could only move my appointment up if someone canceled between now and Wednesday and they were sorry. I need my internet this weekend..... The amount of aggravation I am having over this is starting to build. I was very patient and understand for the first 3 weeks despite not even really being able to use my internet for the reason I got it. Now, I am just ready for this to be over.

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks :)

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    Hi @Joshua86 -

    Since you already have another service call scheduled, the process would be to let the tech take another look and determine what is happening on site. While it may appear to be the issue has returned, it is also possible that a new, separate issue has started, which can only be diagnosed from an on site investigation.

    Some information you can collect for the tech includes tracerts to the impacted sites so you can demonstrate the issue directly.

    Thanks for the question!

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