Mesh router system recommendations? (Set of 3)

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Kind of a two part question, but what’s the WiFi 6 routers range?

What’s everyone using for a mesh router setup?

I'm looking to simply just spread the signal and speeds across the house. Bout 1,500ish square feet; but walls, halls and so on should be taken into consideration. No major appliances, smart or not, are an issue.

Im thinking if each pod, I guess I could call it, has at least a few hundred square feet of signal strength, then 3 of them would be plenty sufficient.

If they create a dual separate network, that’s fine too.

I was shown one amazon eero set that a technician has seen a lot of customers using. Saw it on Amazon, but they’re only rated for up to 500-550mbps. Kinda slow by todays standards. (I have another 8 year old range extender that’s capable of up to 300mbps)

Im paying for 1,000 and got up to 812down, 38up just the other day on a 3 year old iPhone 12. So it’d be foolish to pay for double, and only get up to about half, half of the time.

But I also don’t want to downgrade all together and get next to nothing in the end anyways on the other side of the house. A relocation is not an option….

However, I’m also not looking to spend a few hundred bucks on just mesh router, or a set either… couple hundred bucks at most seems reasonable for what I’m looking for. No financial burden, it just seems crazy and don’t want a bunch of range extenders lying around. (might as well get a fancy nighthawk router)

These routers are not wps compatible, which I’d prefer, but I understand that there are security issues with it. Also something that is preferably small and can be plugged into the wall outlet and not big and sitting on the floor. Basically hidden along hallway walls, if you will.


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    Is your base router in a centralized or otherwise optimal location for how you will be using the network?

    My AC class router (Asus 86U) maintains near full speed up to around 50 feet... about 2/3 at 150 or so (when at full power).

    Actually dropped it to about half power since it was installed on the second floor--phone would actually latch on to it at the stoplight on the other side of a Circle K gas station (roughly a block away). Even at 50% I can still stream a YT video fine when getting my mail.

    Just saying, a decent standalone router can have a pretty decent reach on it's own, depending where it gets deployed and such. May want to feel that out to make sure that is fully optimized first. May not need as much expansion as you are expecting.

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