How do I turn off digital home phone voicemail?

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The question above has been asked and answered on a different thread in September 2021. Unfortunately, customer support wasn't able to help me like they did the poster in that thread.

The issue is, digital voice mail can't be completely disabled. If its never been set up, it always answers after 5 rings and says voice mail isn't set up. I don't want to set up voice mail and I just want it to keep ringing, or at least have the option to have it ring up to 10 times before being picked up. The online interface has no way to disable this or set it up such that it will ring more times.

I tried to resolve this with customer service and got on two long chats and in the end they said there's no way to do it and refused to escalate.

I find it really odd that the system is this way; used to be that's the only way phones would work.


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    Good evening @jeanneb921 and Welcome to our community forums

    Thank you for reaching out to us about removing the voice mail from your account. At this time we do not have a way to disable that option or increase the number of rings without setting up the voice mail. I will definitely forward your feedback along for suggestions on ways to improve our phone services. -Lyn

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    Hi @jeanneb921,

    You mentioned that you do not want voicemail activated, and that you just want to the phone to ring.

    What issue are you trying to solve, or what are trying to accomplish? This might help us understand the question better so we can provide a potential solution.

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