Why can't I record more than 1 show in a particular time slot while watching live tv

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I am in Michigan and tried to record 2 different shows in the time slot (i.e., 8pm) while watching live tv at same time. Got message that I had to "cancel" 1 of the recordings to be able to do so. My last provider (ATT UVerse) allowed me to record 5 shows at once while watching live tv. I called just support and was told that's just the way it is. This DVR service is vastly overpriced for the service it provides. I have been told that Spectrum offers different DVRs in different areas and that some have greater capacity to record/view shows. Does everyone have the same experience with their DVR?

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    Hello and welcome! With our DVR services you cannot record 2 shows and watch live TV. Something that you may want to look into is our Cloud DVR service by clicking here. Our Cloud DVR allows you to schedule/record and save up to 50 live shows at once, our Cloud DVR Plus allows you to schedule/record up to 100 live shows at once. I hope this helps.


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    To add to this,

    The new "World Boxes" (with no clocks on the panel) allow the ability to record up to 4 shows at once.


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