Questions about tomorrow's HBO Max going to Max with its new apps & setups...

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edited September 12 in Watch TV 2023 Archive and mentioned Max's tier levels. What will Spectrum be on? Or do we have until tomorrow like after midnight PDT?

Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon.

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  • Randy_S
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    Hello @AntDude

    My sources simply say that the level to which you had access before will be the same when the app rebrands to Max. I am not aware of any content you would be restricted from. That said, tomorrow is going to be a big day for them so keep your eye out for bugs or any content you can't get to. I don't expect any problems with existing HBO subscribers. Also,

    Spectrum customers with HBO Max included as part of their subscription will not need to re-login to the app or to apply the updates.

    So, it would appear to be seamless for existing HBO subscribers. I love HBO Max and am excited/nervous to see what's around the corner.



  • Satch
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    Good evening @Randy_S and @AntDude!

    As a big fan of HBO/HBOMax I am also super excited for the transition. Yea, there might be some small bugs for awhile. My understanding is that all of our settings for MAX will be the same as for HBO Max, and that nothing will change for at least six months.

    If you have HBO in your plan currently, you will get MAX. The app on devices should auto update.


  • AntDude
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    In my iPhone, I downloaded Max's iOS app a few hours ago after Apple e-mail said it was out since I prepurchased it for free. I didn't even to log into this new app like before. I haven't downloaded into Apple TVs and played anything yet. Also, v1.0.1 came out a hour later too. Am I understanding that we don't get 4K videos? :(

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    Sup @AntDude?

    There is going to be an added charge for the 4K plan. I don't want to give a price because I am not sure. For now, it appears that the 4K plan is only going to be through the app. But I don't know if it is set up yet.

    As far as Spectrum is concerned, same price, expanded programing, different name, and automatically included with HBO like it was before.


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