Why isn't MG7550 listed under 500Mbps?

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I have a Motorola MG7550. The spec sheet says it's good up to 686Mbps: https://www.motorolacable.com/documents/MG7550-DataSheet-04117.pdf

The MG7550 is listed as a Spectrum supported device, but it's only listed under the 300Mbps tier:

When I run ethernet speed tests, I easily hit 500Mbps+ on my plan with this router.

So the spec sheet and real life measurements show this is a 500Mbps tier router. Is this a website error? What's going on?

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    Hey @dcaponi,

    That list shows which modems have passed full certification testing for optimal performance by our engineers and approved for use at each service level. Most modems will have a higher theoretical maximum throughput than what they have been approved for. I'm glad you are still able to get your subscribed speed.

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