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I have recently switched over from AT&T fiber to Spectrum cable internet service. For the first few weeks, the Spectrum service worked flawlessly. However, for the past several days (since May 17), I have experienced multiple outages on a daily basis (the weekend of May 20 was especially problematic). When contacting Spectrum I receive the standard reply, "sorry for the interruption but we have no control over outages on our system." but when asked what has been causing the outages, the person only replies "a node is down" but cannot say why it is down. If no one knows why the node is down, how can you say it is out of your control?

When experiencing the outages, almost every occurrence happens between 9pm and midnight ET and 5a-8a ET. That seems too regular to be a coincidence. I just want to get in contact with someone that can help fix this recurring issue because it is getting very frustrating to work from home and not be able to connect in the morning or having my streaming session interrupted at night. Here is the list of DNS failures indicating when I lose my network connection.

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    Hi @DBJ, welcome to our community!

    Factors that might cause an outage beyond our control are things like lightning strikes, power outages, falling branches/trees, car accidents, digging/constructions, wildlife damage, etc. but we are still committed to detecting and repairing any such damage when it occurs. Agents typically will not have information available on the specific cause, just if it was maintenance or an unplanned interruption, and do not have control over repair efforts made in the field.

    I was able to locate your account and it looks like maintenance work was being completed on 5/17 and (today) 5/26. While some maintenance can be to repair damage such as above it looks like this maintenance was for network upgrades in your area. Technicians have been tracking unplanned intermittent connection issues over the past week but it looks like most have been resolved quickly. I'm very sorry for the disruption, but I am hopeful once the current maintenance work is completed your service will be more consistent, and our technicians will be monitoring the situation to make sure.


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    After seeing multiple Spectrum repair personnel in the neighborhood on 5/26, I have not experienced any more outages. I am cautiously optimistic they had identified the problem and resolved it.

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