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I recently canceled my spectrum internet and switched to Frontier not realizing I still needed my old email address Tampa bay.rr.com so I got a basic internet spectrum and had my old email switched to the new account.. Now, I cannot set it up with Outlook. I keep getting an outgoing server error. See attachment. I get this error.

I'm using mail.brighthouse.com server both in and out. IMAP port 993 in 587 out SSL/TLS in STARTTLS out. I've tried everything. Any help would be great.


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    Good evening and welcome to the Spectrum Community @Lovebay

    I am not familiar with your software program for email. The email server support page which has just about every setting you mentioned exactly except for it should just be SSL and not STARTTLS. I am also not sure if there is a difference considering your software. Maybe one of the regulars here can jump in.

    Also, try logging in to your email here. If you can, then it is definitely something with configuring the software. If not there still may be an issue in recovering the email address.

    Glad for the great question and opportunity to help.


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    SPA supposedly needs to be enabled to boot.

    🔗Set Up Spectrum Email on Microsoft Outlook

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