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Need a bit of advice and guidance concerning the purchase of a new router. My existing router is a Linksys Router Mod EA6100 from 2015 and seems to be failing. I’m not getting good connections and a lot of drops. My ISP technicians (Spectrum) claims a newer and better router will solve most of my problems.

My budget is under $100. One of the conditions I need is the ability to connect up to 8 to 10 appliances either wirelessly or via Ethernet cable. I’m looking at several units.

My son recommends the tp-link AC1750 Mesh dual band. It can handle up to 8 Ethernet connections.

However, others have suggested I look at tri-band routers. They tend to be expensive, but I found some to be under the $100 range.

My questions are, what is mesh, and is an under $100 tri-band as good as or better than a $50 to $80 dual band?

My current set up is in the basement and that is where I will most likely install the replacement router. From there I have an Ethernet cable going to my 2nd floor to a hub. From there I connect my main desktop computer and three 3 D printers via cable (none are wireless).

On the wireless side I have 3 main wireless cameras and several others (all of various makes and models), which total to seven along with several smart lights and switches, and two My-Q garage door controllers. And occasionally several other wireless appliances including two TVs, and my wireless ink jet printer.

About two years ago I put in an extender to help get a good signal to the front outside cam. It worked fine, but as of late that signal drops out or never connects depending on the time of day.

Any thoughts?


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    Hello @Norm202 and welcome to the Spectrum Community.

    I was hoping someone would jump in on this but I do apologize for the delay. We at Spectrum would of course always recommend out wifi routers and don't really make suggestions on third-party routers. That said, you could go to a local tech professional or like Geek Squad and ask them. Some good information to have when you ask are things like your house size (for range) and what type of streaming you do (and how much). I have mesh is great but I have seen a few folks spend a whole lot of money and not realize it is overkill. That said, for bigger homes with block construction... not a bad idea.

    Just a couple of thoughts but my personal bias is also, be careful with the cheaper routers. Definitely research product reviews of them before you purchase.

    Let us know how it goes!


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