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I was able to select the WPA / WPA2 (TKIP vs AES) security settings on my previous modem. I can't find these settings on the new Wifi 6 router SAX1V1R. My IOS 14 devices (iphone and Ipad) say that I now have a Weak Security network and that WPA/WPA2 TKIP is not considered secure. Would like more info on what this new router is using for WPA protocol.

I downloaded the app and they are NOT in the app nor in the link on the website that is the same thing as the app?


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    No sweat. Long story, short: "forget" as in delete the connection on the iOS 14 devices and then re-connect as in discover, select, authenticate by entering the PSK as in the "password" and then they should connect via WPA2 with AES like they should (instead of via WEP or WPA with TKIP.)

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