Does Removal of eACR disable NoMoRobo

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When eACR is removed from the Spectrum phone service will my NoMoRobo call feature still work on my landline?

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    I don't think it will make any difference. As long as Simultanious Ring is set up, and turned on, so Nomorobo can screen the calls after one ring. When Call Guard first came out through Spectrum, you had to go and re-run the setup program for Nomorobo, because Simultanious Ring needed a new configuration to be re-activated.

    Simultanious Ring must always be turned on for Nomorobo to work.



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    I am also interested in this question, or more generally, how is Enhanced ACR different from Basic ACR?

    My guess is that NoMoRobo will not be affected since (I believe) Spectrum relies on the "Simultaneous Ring" capability, a different Spectrum feature, engaging NoMoRobo at the time of each call.

    Confirmation and clarification of all of this by Spectrum would be appreciated.

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    Spectrum did reply to my question and NoMoRobo will continue to work as long as you have Simultaneous Ring enabled which was a condition that was required to allow NoMoRobo to work before this change in eACR.

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