Spectrum is a Robocaller Too

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I'd like to know why Spectrum uses robocalls from various "spoofed" phone numbers to advertise or solicit services? I am so tired of picking up the phone only to hear "Hi this is Lisa from Spectrum." This happens all times o the day and from many different phone numbers. Isn't Spectrum contributing to the Robocall problem?

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    Sup @Geo57?

    I can tell you that I have been with Spectrum, back when they were still Time Warner Cable, and not once have I ever gotten an unsolicited call claiming to be them. And I have had cable TV of some sort since 1985, and cable phone since about 2007. I use Call Guard in conjunction with Nomorobo to block unwanted calls.

    If Spectrum calls me, it is a requested call back from me, but it is always something where I initiate the request. Your calls may not actually be from Spectrum.

    How often are you getting these calls? Can you describe the messages that they are leaving to us on the forum? If these calls are not being made as requests from you for a callback, you can provide examples, and a moderator can look at your account and escalate the issue.

    Don't provide any specific account information on the forum here. But tell us, how often you are getting these calls? Some examples of screenshots of the phone numbers if you can, and the kind of messages that they are leaving?


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    Hello @Geo57

    Just to provide some further clarity, calls from us will display Spectrum or Charter Communications on the caller ID and would show they are from an 800 number. We have seen a large increase in scam calls that are spoofing local numbers and claiming to be from us, when they are not in hopes of obtaining account, credit card information, or other information that can be used in social engineering schemes.


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    Thanks I will try to collect that information.

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    I get these type calls also. In fact just got one offering me a promotional price. They said I would have to call and go through billing, they gave me a direct number. Wondering if it is a scam.

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    Remember the guidelines:

    1.) All Spectrum numbers will have "Spectrum" or "Charter Communications." in the caller ID.

    2.) All Spectrum numbers will have an 800 prefix designated as toll free

    3.) Via Google Search, here are all toll free number prefixes:

    Toll free numbers are numbers that begin with one of the following three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 or 833. Although 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833 are all toll free codes, they are not interchangeable.

    4.) If you did not initiate a call back request, and especially if they give you a seperate number to call, it is most likey a scam, and is not Spectrum.

    5.) Spectrum Call Guard and Nomorobo will stop these calls from leaving messages and bothering you when these systems are activated on your phone line. Subscribe to Spectrum Voice to get this protection.


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    Just for the record, the CNAMology at play with regular phone numbers doesn’t come into play with toll-free numbers so, long story, short, while legit toll-free calls from Charter Spectrum via Spectrum Voice may have “Charter” and/or “Spectrum” in the name, with other carriers, the name is most likely to be the rather generic “TOLL FREE” or “TOLL FREE CALLER” as usual. 


    If the end-relay carrier is Spectrum Voice or any fixed VoIP or wireless carrier that supports STIR/SHAKEN caller id. verification and the caller id. is unverified, forget about it. 

    If the call isn’t from a toll-free number, forget about it. If the call or message refers you to a number that isn’t a toll-free number, forget about it. If either toll-free number isn’t listed by Somos as either “currently reserved by Verizon Business” or “currently reserved by ATL Communications,” forget about it for those are the only two toll-free service providers utilized by Charter Spectrum as far as i know. 


    Finally, here’s a recent and pretty entertaining video that exemplifies how tricky these imposterous service provider scammers can be and how their scams play out:


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