Voice Broken for Over Two Months

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After a brief outage in April (2023), I noticed that I couldn't call certain numbers (other Spectrum Voice customers). After several repair-person visits, during which they replaced my modem multiple times, they got engineers working on it. At some point, a years old bug (caller ID date/time stamps being off my months) reappeared. Eventually, I was able to call the people I had been unable to call. But since then (early May), not a single caller ID record has included a number. [Every single caller ID record says "UNKNOWN NUMBER" or, when it says "UNKNOWN CALLER", the number line is blank.] Many calls come through with missing caller name information. [Many, which I assume are SPAMmers, show a city and state.] Some have something generic, such as "Wireless Caller". I called Spectrum multiple times. One time, they said engineers would update my set-up and to call back if the problem is still there. When I called back the next day, they were kind-of indignant: It's a known problem, and they're working on it. Apparently, their caller ID server software doesn't work at all with the latest modems [labeled Spectrum (SONUV1S); includes built-in MTA/ATA for Voice], but they're giving cuistomers those modems anyway. And, through it all, Spectrum continues to charge for services not rendered. Apparently, Spectrum has no intention to give customers what they're paying for - any time soon. The latest modem has an external ATA jack. So, is there any reason not to switch to, say, Ooma?

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