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I have WIN11 and Office365. I So I am using the Outlook included in the Office Suite. . I noticed I have nothing in my Sent Folder. My email account is currently configured to be IMAP. . Any Idea what the hang up would be ? If I go out and loginto my Spectrum Webmail..I ca nsend emails and they do show up in the sent folder...so the Spectrum webmail folder is not fully sync'ing with my local Outlook folder..... any tips on this ?



  • Randy_S
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    Good evening and welcome to the Spectrum Community @ddecoursey!

    I don't personally use Outlook, but you may want to check the IMAP settings to make sure the folders are selected and syncing. I wouldn't think you would have to enable specific folders to sync (anymore, back in the old days ... whew) but if there is a way to check that, it's the first place I'd look.

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  • HT_Greenfield
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    Re-enable "Save copies of messages in the Sent Items folder" and if that fails to stick for the by and by, consider disabling "Store my Outlook settings in the cloud."


  • ddecoursey
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    I am not syncing to the cloud. I do have the Save Copies on Messages in the Sent Items Folder enabled... selection enabled...but I do not have an actual Folder named "Sent Items" I do have a folder named SENT and there are some of my sent emails are in that folder I am confused by this


  • HT_Greenfield
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    How many folders with the word “sent” in them are there and what are their exact names in (1) the webmail portal and (2) Outlook 365 and (3) any other email client apps at play with the subject email account?

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