Netgear router issue with Spectrum modem

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Until recently, I was using an Arris Surfboard SB6183 modem along with a Netgear R6400v2 router and this worked fine. I changed my internet service to Ultra 500, and now, I cannot get the router to work with my new Spectrum modem.

When I attach the router to the modem, and my desktop to the router via ethernet, I get the message "no internet access", and this is both wired and wifi. If I use the Spectrum supplied router, ethernet and wifi work fine. I also have a Netgear R6900 router which I also cannot get to connect.

I really just want to get rid of the Spectrum router because my Netgear router has so many more features.

Anyone with an idea of why, or so it seems to me, my router will not allow bandwidth to pass from the modem into the router?


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    Hello @kenkadish !

    That is odd, just a couple of preliminary questions. First, when you take our router off the modem are you powering it completely down? Also, when you plug in the ethernet cord to the back of your Netgear, are you making sure it goes into the yellow "Internet" jack? Normally you don't have to do this before hooking up your own wifi router but you could call us at 1-855-707-7328 and have one of our billing agents take our wifi router off your account. and return the equipment to a local store. That shouldn't be a prerequisite but it's worth a shot.

    That said, before taking our wifi off, you may want to reach out to Netgear to see if they have any known issues with their settings working with our modems. I am not aware of any but if it can be resolved with a setting change in the router, much easier and faster than the other options.

    As you can tell, I am brainstorming so if anyone else in the community has ideas or are familiar with the Netgear R6900, please lend us your insights :)


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    I have completely powered down everything and starter over many times, all with the same result. Wiring is modem - yellow router port. Totally puzzled. If I reconnect my Arris modem, can I reactivate it provided I first remove the Spectrum modem from my system? In other words, can I have more than one activated modem so long as I only have one connected at a time?



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    With wifi routers you can exchange them at will but don't have them powered up at the same time as it will cause signal interference from one to the other. Modem's have to be assigned to the account so they cannot be physically swapped out and the system recognize the other modem (not assigned to the account). However, just contact our support team 1-855-707-7328 and we can reassign the compatible modem or our modem.


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