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I have a small email server setup for my personal emails. I am finishing its configuration and now facing a problem of blacklisting by my IP address in several spamlists. For example, I cannot send emails to @outlook.com domain (but can send to @gmail.com) cos my IP is listed in spamhouse.org blacklist. spamhouse project states that I need to ask my ISP provider for removal. How to do that?


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    Hi @Kerberos, welcome to our community.

    Blacklists on Spamhaus and SORBS are pretty normal as they include dynamic IP ranges, and all of our residential IPs are dynamic. Unfortunately we are not able to remove your current IP from the blacklists and even if we could it would inevitably change to a new one bringing the problem back.

    We can provide a static IP address with business service but if the email server is only for low volume personal use it may be better to go with some kind of proxy/VPN solution, though we would not be able to provide assistance with that.

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