Why is my audio always out of sync when watching on demand?

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Every time I try to watch a movie on demand with the spectrum app on my Roku TV, the audio will go out of sync and progressively get further and further out of sync. I have noticed this issue for months now and nothing fixes the issue. Resetting the app does not work, changing the audio settings does not work resetting the router does not work, factory resetting the TV does not work. How can I fix this issue?


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    Hey @AustinofOhio, Welcome to the Community!

    Uninstall the Spectrum App, turn off and unplug everything for at least a half hour to allow any interference or noise to leave the system. Unplug any connectors when everything is off. Including HDMI cables,. Turn off your PC's and devices and unplug your modem, after that your router.

    After that half hour has passed, reconnect your modem first, waiting for it to get back online. Next, do the same with your router. and HDMI cables. Power up your Roku and get a fresh install of the Spectrum app.

    Report back if this is still problematic with your city, state, and zip, and a moderator can check if there are trouble tickets in your area on this issue, and advise of next steps.


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