Can't download and install wifi profile to my iphone

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I have Spectrum home internet. I do not use the Spectrum wifi router. I have my own wifi router. I want to be able to use Spectrum wifi access points outside of my home as advertised and I've tried to install the wifi profile, but I get an error.

I've tried to install the Spectrum WiFi profile a few times (over weeks) and keep receiving the same error, "Profile Error: Invalid Error." Behind that is another message that states "Safari could not install a profile due to an unknown error."

I have reinstalled the MySpectrum App (MSA) and shutdown my phone and restarted. When I try to install again from the "Install Wifi Profile" link in MSA, it is clearly recognizing that I've tried to install before. It states "Check Profile Status You may have already installed the Spectrum WiFi profile on this device" And then it tells me to check VPN & Device Management settings. But there is nothing there except for my actual VPN (which I have also tried disabling and fully deleting with no luck).

Is there an issue because I don't use the Spectrum wifi router ? Is there any solution to this problem?


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    Hi & welcome!

    What device are you using when you try to install the wifi profile?

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