Why is My Spectrum App is broken?

E_Zero Posts: 2 Spectator

Connected to Spectrum Wi-Fi and the My Spectrum app will not load. Connecting to my mobile data and it does load. I've deleted data and nothing, I've uninstall and reinstalled and still nothing. I'd like to use Spectrum Wi-Fi to use the My Spectrum app. Please fix this.

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  • Renee_T
    Renee_T Posts: 496 Moderator
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    Hello @E_Zero

    Welcome to our community! I am sorry to hear about the issues with the My Spectrum app. Since our apps would use your modem to help authenticate your login, sometimes if there is an error in that process it can cause login issues. Are you able to reboot the modem and router by unplugging both for 30-45 seconds? Rebooting the equipment will generally fix any authentication issues.

  • E_Zero
    E_Zero Posts: 2 Spectator
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    I dislike that I am forced to reboot the modem/router but that did resolve my issue. Guess I'll need to keep that in mind for next time... Thank you, Renee_T

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