Why doesn’t the Sports View package include channel 305 where the San Diego Padres games are?

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Padres games are now shown on a separate channel, 305, after being dropped from BallySports. Why hasn’t this channel been added ro the Sports View package? Those who don’t have the Select package, like me, would really appreciate it.


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    Hi @Wester Welcome!

    When situations like this happen, it is most likey that the broadcaster entered into a new contract with a different station other than Bally Sports. In the example above, the Padres' contract probably expired with Bally Sports. Spectrum has no control over programing content, they only get the rights to carry the channel through the station owners. What is channel 305 in your area? You should upgrade to Spectrum Select. Nice range of channels and good variety of programing.


  • Wester
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    I had TV Select for several years, paying $84.99/mo for a lot of channels I never watched. Currently have Tv Choice at $44.99/mo with channels I watch. With BallySports no longer carrying Padres games, I would need to pay $40/mo more to watch the Padres games on the TV Select channel 305. Not a good deal.

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    Not much consolation but at least MLB hasn’t left streaming-only subscribers completely out in the cold. They have suspended MLB.TV in-market black-out restrictions for the Padres games for the remainder of the season for the usual 20 beans a month:


    Edit: who knows but come to think of it, MLB.TV Padres/single-team subscription streaming itself might prevent MLB from making the stop-gap DVB channel 305 be streamable.

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    When I go to the Spectrum channel listings site and enter my zip code of 92128 it shows the MLB San Diego Padres channel (305) as available in TV Choice. However, when I try to select that channel for TV Choice online or by calling a Spectrum assistant, I am told it’s not available. Which is it?

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