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I am a legacy customer and have the Sports pack for 5/mo, I see the Sports View pack is 6/mo for newer customers. Does Sports View have more sports channels than the sports pack, I have noticed that the old digital tier 1 is no longer available and had some sports channels on it.

It might be cheaper to drop the digital tier 1 for 12/mo and replace the sports pack(5 mo) with the sports view (6/mo) if it has more channels.

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    Hello @Jim2413

    Good question! Your best bet would be to call Customer Care and they can do a price comparison for you. The new plan, would include Spectrum Select, plus in your case, the Ala-Carte Sports View. If you switch, you can not go back to a legacy plan, as those codes are out of the system, once the new Spectrum plan takes effect.

    When you call, the CSR would be able to calculate your cost on those plans.



  • Jim2413
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    I contacted the CSR and for a dollar more a month I get the MLB network and 4 other sports channels on Sports View compared to the Legacy Sports Pack. For legacy customers to get the MLB network you need the digital tier 1 package at 12/mo. So, I dropped the Digital 1 package and am paying a dollar more for the Sports View package as I believe the MLB network is worth about an extra 3.33 cents per day

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