Spectrum app casting issue

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When casting from the Spectrum app, the live view of the each channel disappears and only shows the guide when casting to the TV. This just happened on 7/1/2023. Never happened before. Called Spectrum and they are passing it along to the app division. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks!

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    Hi @SFR, welcome to our community!

    Since you are able to see the guide but not Live TV, I think it is most likely a copyright or HDCP issue. All I could really recommend for this is making sure the Spectrum TV app, Phone OS, Chromecast, and TV software are all up to date, and rebooting them. You could also try a different HDMI port.

    To ensure you can continue viewing content through the app I would recommend getting one of these devices which the Spectrum TV app is natively available on.

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