How can I separate the Advanced WiFi 2.4 from the 5 gHz connection? (Blink camera is not working)

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My wireless security system works on 2.4 gHz, but it cannot seem to see this connection or connect to it. Can I separate them, so they are both seen as separate connections for my wireless security system? Thanks for any guidance.

Update 7/14/23:


Miraculously, I am able to get my Blink Sync Module 2 connected to camera system and my Advanced WiFi 6 Router. I had read a comment that if you re-locate the Sync Module to the farthest place in the house, 5gHz will not pick it up, but because 2.4 gHz has a longer range, it will be detected, even though my WIFI settings only show 5 gHz. I had to order a new Sync Module 2, but after scanning the QR Code, and resetting the module, I was able to connect the Sync Module to my WIFI., and my camera system is now working!

This might be a helpful tip for those that have had the same trouble I was having.

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    Thanks for the update - glad to hear you were able to get the camera working again. Hearing the solution, that makes total sense!

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