‘Restricted code’ Message for International Home Calls

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For a few months I’ve had digital home phone service with international calling added now but continue to receive the message 'you have entered a restricted code' when trying to dial Caribbean numbers specifically. I’ve spoken with several agents who cannot figure out the problem and troubleshoot with the typical modem reboot/restart pattern. This is draining and a complete waste of my time. I also have seen several archived questions in the community with the same problem, but no clear resolution is identified. Someone mentioned a Jason at Spectrum doing something in the back-end which fixed the problem. Can anyone post the answer here so it can be resolved (for myself and others!)?


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    Welcome @AFineMaiden!

    I found the post here, but it doesn't say what Jason@Spectrum did:

    I searched the Internet, and it appears that you have to call Spectrum. Is it only one specific number to the Carribbean? Or all numbers to the Carribean? Give the rep this information. Than have the rep re-activate "Unlimited Calling" on your account. Also important. Do you have International Calling on your Spectrum Voice service.? It's $5.00 more per month with Spectrum Voice, If you do, that could be an issue. Do you call other international countries with the same results?

    I assume that Spectrum Voice unlimited local calling has no issues?


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    I tried 2 different Caribbean countries, same problem. Dialing with and without the 1 before the area code. Yes, I currently have unlimited International Calling with Spectrum Voice service. And yes, local calling has no issues.

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    Thanks for the updated information,

    Call Spectrum, let them know that you have done all the cable modem rebooting steps and can not make any calls to the Carribean. If the rep, "corrects" the problem over the phone, wait for about 30 minutes, than call a number in the Carribean. If that still doesn't work, post back with your city, state, and zip code, and a moderator can check to see if there are troubleshoot issues for this area regarding this issue. If not, one should be created.


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    Good morning. I was able to locate your account using your registration information and I do not see active digital phone landline service. Have you made any recent changes to the account or are you referencing a different account?

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