Help Fixing Constant Ping/Latency Issues

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I am having the same issues as many in this forum. Very noticeable and makes gaming unplayable. Multiple games, direct connected to modem and issues persist. Ping is 30-40 then every minute or so it jumps for 3-4 seconds to 100+. Very unsatisfied. Swapped modem out at local store (was told it would be a different modem, but that was a lie) and issue persists. I have a technician coming in two days, but based on past experiences (spectrum customer for 15+ years) I have little hope and would like some assistance here.


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    Hi & welcome!

    Since you already have a service call scheduled, I would defer to the tech visit at this time. Occasional spikes can have many root causes, the technician will be able to determine or rule out if it a Spectrum signal or equipment issue. Let us know how it goes.

    As a side note, average latency of 39.38 - 41.77ms is well within the acceptable range and 0% packet loss is exceptional.

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    Have you had a resolution with this? I am having a similar issue. I've exploded the graph on the hop in question: I had a technician out two days ago, and he wasn't able to identify the issue (other than noting something is clearly wrong and it is not any of my equipment). His supervisor recommended a different solution and the tech is coming back out Monday, but I am not optimistic. Like everyone else, this seems to have started around two weeks ago. Every 5 or 10 minutes I experience packet loss lasting 2-3 seconds that interrupts most activities on my network. Online gaming is nearly impossible at this point.

    Edit: Added correct image.

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    @Brenny12 your plot is actually showing how remarkably well the entire route is relaying as the cumulative ICMP relay performance of the entire route up to that last router has to be at least as good as the ICMP response performance of that Google router itself regardless of the ICMP response heuristics of any of the precedent routers. ICMP response is typically low-priority “best effort” at best. In this case, the bottom line renders any exceeding ICMP response figures trivial.

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    Can Spectrum acknowledge there is a problem here? Everyone on these forums mean well and does what they can but this is not an issue with client premises equipment.

    A big change happened about two weeks ago and suddenly scores of people are having intermittent packet loss and latency. This is devastating for online gaming which is a major reason for people to have Spectrum's service. Averages mean nothing for real time applications.

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    @actualengineer, I am happy to acknowledge when we have issues. It is much less effort for me to just say it is a known issue or open a ticket than to troubleshoot and analyze traceroutes. The three reports in this thread are from states each 1,000+ miles away from the others, I am confident in saying the cause of these issues is not the same but we would like to continue working with everyone individually to find a resolution.

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